.NET Core 3.0 AWS Lambda Benchmarks and Recommendations

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Test Function Code

The Variations

Graphs For Ants

Cold Starts

The first recommendation is don’t bother using 2.2, just go straight to 3.0.

Here is the interactive version.

The next recommendation is that you should keep using 2.1 if you want maximum performance. If you use 3.0, add more memory for more performance!

Here is the interactive version.

Warm Starts

Make sure you have tiered compilation turned off to avoid 15–20 seconds of lower performance after the cold start.

Here is the interactive version.

It’s important to consider that applications or frameworks (including ASP.NET Core and WPF) that use reflection or related dynamic features, will often break when trimmed. This breakage occurs because the linker doesn’t know about this dynamic behavior and can’t determine which framework types are required for reflection. The IL Linker tool can be configured to be aware of this scenario.

My recommendation is that unless you need IL Trimming to fit inside the Lambda package size limit, have ReadyToRun enabled and everything else disabled.





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